PlanetCrypto Encrypted Cloud Storage/Service



Pay With Bitcoin
This cloud storage is useable with Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. Anything uploaded into your cloud storage will be available on any of the previously mentioned devices. To allow a device to access your personal cloud a small application must be loaded and running on the target device. This app is free with the purchase. You may have an unlimited number of devices accessing your cloud storage and any time. The storage in the cloud is encrypted on our servers, as is the upload and syncing of devices. Nobody, not even us, can see what you put there or read what is there. Nobody can decrypt transmissions in either direction. Secure server ID, User ID, and password will be emailed to the purchser as well as links to the free S/W. This item will automatically re-bill your CC or PayPal on the 1 year aniversirary.

Examples of  what one may use this stoage for:

Unattended backup of your computer(s) automatically, store your music, store photo’s, backup your accounting data, replicate files from one computer to many computers, replicate files from many computers to many computers, share videos on many devices, etc.

So if you upload music off of your PC into the cloud, it will be available on your Android smart phone.

If you take a photo on your smart phone it can be automatically uploaded to the cloud for viewing/editing later on your PC. No more manual uploading from your phone to your PC. Just snap the photo and within a few moments it’s in the cloud and on your PC.