PlanetCrypto VPN Service 1 Year



1 Year subscription on our Netherlands or US VPN Server. OpenVPN 1000 Mbps/1Gbps

- Protect your privacy online with an encrypted connection.

- Hide your IP address from web sites and email headers.

- Keep your data safe when using open networks like wireless hotspots.

- Unblock web sites and bypass internet censors.

Protection for your laptop and desktop. All web surfing, Email, instant messages and more, are encrypted. Our Netherlands or USĀ  IP address becomes your IP address. A subscriber may attach to either server at their discretion and may change connections at anytime without fee/cost. All the necessary files are conveniently stored in your personal encrypted cloud account. Initially, we generate a strong password for this account, which the subscriber is free to change at anytime. By creating the encrypted tunnel, the VPN unblocks web sites. Unlike other services, we don’t log your comings and goings or throttle/limit your speed.

Delivery is via Cloud download. Your account log in information will be emailed to you.