OpenVPN Connect Android

To connect to PlanetCrypto VPN from Android devices, you will have to install
the OpenVPN Connect client and download your VPN configuration

Install OpenVPN Connect

Download and install the OpenVPN
client from the Google Play Store.

Download VPN configuration file

Open your mobile browser to download
your VPN configuration file
(authentication required)

If for any reason your mobile browser is unable to download the
files, you will have to install the OwnCloud application from the Play Store: here

Either click on the download notification once it finishes or navigate to
where the configuration file is saved and open the file. The file should
automatically open with OpenVPN Connect.

OpenVPN Connect will ask you to accept the profile available for import,
click Accept.

A prompt will appear asking for your username and password. Your username
and password are the the same as what were sent to you when you purchased your service.

A pop up will appear asking if you trust this application, please check the
box and click OK.

OpenVPN will connect and there will be a green check mark once you have
connected. In your notification bar, you should have an ongoing notification
while the VPN is active, stating that a VPN is enabled.


If you click on Connected in the application, it will show the log file. This
can be useful for troubleshooting if you’re having problems getting the
application to connect.