OpenVPN Connect iPhone, iPad

1. Run the App Store; there, search and install the “OpenVPN Connect” application

2. This step is a bit tricky due to limitations of iOS, you either have to email yourself the config files,
or import them into your OwnCloud folder.

Both ways are explained below:

3a. Importing config files via OwnCloud:
Download and install the OwnCloud app from the App Store.

On your iOS device, open the OwnCloud app and follow the instructions to add your account at

You should now have all of your custom VPN files imported to OwnCloud.

Here open the *.ovpn file of the server you want to connect to;
now select “Open with OpenVPN

3b. Importing config files by emailing them to the iOS device:
Download and extract theĀ  config files on your computer:
Login and Download files here
From there, send them via email to the address you’re using on your iPad/iPod/iPhone.

Open the e-mail and tap the attachment icon that you see on the screen.

Choose the option “Open in OpenVPN

Note that there’s a limitation of 50 servers that can be imported in the OpenVPN client.

4.A window will appear stating that new profiles are available for import. Please tap the green “+” button to add the server to the program.
5. Here, please enter your PlanetCrypto login data (username and password) into “User ID” and “Password”.Tap the Connection button.
6. The app will now attempt to connect to the VPN.
7. The status should now show you “Connected“, which means that you are successfully connected to the VPN service.